Friday, 12 February 2010

Another day another batch of sunburn to recover from. Up at 8am, we got a tuk tuk to krabi beach, and a long boat to the hong islands. About half an hour on the boat, we were told to pick up a snorkel and goggles and jump out the boat. Me, Alec and Emily did as we were told, and they promptly snorkelled their little selves away around the rocks. I on the other hand was struggling like a beached fish trying to keep afloat and at the same time put my snorkel on. I managed to swim to the rocks and stay there whilst i adjusted then i took the plunge - i never really did adjust to being in the open sea with no form of life jacket, so after swallowing half of the adaman sea, we made our way back to the logn boat. Another half hour, we were taken through hong lagoon, which was a massive clearign in the rocks. The water was perfectly clear and no deeper than waist height, though we had no time to get out and swim. Instead we headed for hong beach. We were there for about 2 hours, and i finally got to the hang of the whole snorkelling spiel, and i was off, snorkellign like a pro :D. I swam between the rocks looking at the fish, and even found nemo briefly. Then i swam back to shore and we got lunch, provided for us by the tour master - a barrel of rice and chicken. I went back to do a bit of sunbathing, then we went back into the boat to lanta beach, which would only reveal itself at low tide. We did a bit mroe snorkelling there, enarly got stung by a family of bloody sea urchins, sat a bti more then back onto the boat for the hour ride back. We got back to our room, me quite content with myself that i didnt get sunburnt, then i saw my back.... (the sun had me a good going over whilst i was back facing up under the water). Anyhoo, last day in krabi and now we are off to phanan-nga. Its a 2 hour bus ride to the tourist town. We will be there a couple of days whilst we plan our journey back to bangkok, then eventually off to cambodia. In the mean time, its chinese enw year in a coupel fo days so bloody firecrakers are going off everywhere. Sounds like a war zone. Im sure we will get used to it though :D toodles for now


  1. Missing you loving the beached whale analogy even if it doesn't make much sense

  2. Oh and happy Valentines Day! :)