Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Back to it then. I left off last on our way to phanga-nga me thinks. So we took a minibus from krabi to there. Was only a couple of hours and the bloody thing dumped us on the outskirts of town (everyone else in the bus was heading to phuket and he couldnt be assed to take us to phanga-nga. We found a tuk tuk luckily which took us to the town. From what we could see, the town consisted of not much mroe than a single long road, and cos it was chinese new year much of it was closed. We found a good hostel though. It used to be an old insane asylum (we assumed) as it had random large open spaces, loads of empty corridors and all the 12 rooms were painted white with large metal hospital beds. The rooms were still nice though. No air con, just a big ceiling fan. The fluroescent tube light was stuck tot eh ceiling underneath this light, so wen both were on at once it was like a strobe light.

We managed to track down tiger cave temple. It is a massive golden statue of buddha built on one of the high limestone cliffs. Its 1200 steps to the top and monkeys follow you all the way. With the immense skill and stamina I have :D we eventually reached the top. We also went on a 4 hour boat ride around ther mangroves (a bit bored of mangroves now) and the limestone cliffs (a bit bored of limestone cliffs now) and we saw the island which was in 007s golden eye (i think it was golden eye) was still cool tho. We stayed in this 2 quid a night hostel for 2 nights then got on a small minibus to koa sok national park.

Here, we are in a place called the jungle huts. Its set in a stunning garden of about 30 huts all rasied off the ground. We have a deck outides our hut which we can sit on and people watch the other tourists. Mosquiot nets are provided for our beds, but mine has a massive great hole in at the top, so the little bastard mosquitos have had their fill biting the shit out of the backs of my feet. We have just done a 2 hour trek into the rainforests (in flip flops cos we couldnt be assed to unpack our walking boots) over hills and into valleys getting bitten by hundreds of strange insects and generally getting hot. We eventually found what we were looking for - a river. We set all our stuff down and had a swim fr an hour or so, sat under a small waerfall which soothed the general ache of sunburn and then we got out and headed back, stopping at the visitors centre for an ice cream first (obviously).

Anyhoo, me thinks we are tiring of southern thailand so 2moz we are catching a bus back to bangkok - a 15 hour drive in a minibus so im stocking up on the sleeping pills and snacks and charging my ipod (my phone died long ago wen a bottle of water leaked and true to form, my phone now doesnt work). From bangkok we are going to head over to siem reap in cambodia - its a relatively main touristy route into cambodia which the guide book calls 'a genuinely unpleasant yet highly character building experience'. Its a 6 hour bus ride from bangkok to the border. We then have to get off the bus and get a cab/tuk tuk OVER the border, go through border control, get ANOTHER cab/tuk tuk to the first town in cambodia, and then get a 6 hour bus ride to the maine town of siem reap. Character building indeed. From siem reap the plan is to ride elephants, eat cambodian cuisine (duck foetusus and the testicles of random selections of animals) and see temples to our hearts content. That is the extent of our planning so far. After cambodia its off to vietnam...

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