Tuesday, 2 February 2010

update time :D. After however many months of planning and pondering, we are FINALLY in thailand - took a while tho. A 7 hour flight to dubai, during which we were served some spicy chicken stuff, and oddly enough some scones and jam - not really anything like having a high tea whilst flying over baghdad. After a 3 hour wait in dubai (and a mcdonalds later) we got back on the plane for another 8 hours and touched down in bangkok around 11am thai time. We got a cab to our 40p a night hostel - a drug den/ex brothel'general shit hole where none of the doors locked, the bunk beds were made of old wood scraps, noi air con and all the mattresses had various disturbing stains on them. Me, Alec and Emily sat in our room, that was basically a padded prison cell (seriously) and thought about ouir escape. We eventually just thought 'sod it' and ran for the door.

We are now staying in a reallly nice hostel in the centre of the tourist area - round the corner from mcdonalds, burger king and boots. We got 2 days in bangkok before we head off to the beach - in the middle of researching some nice private beach huts with hammocks out front. Its fecking boiling here also, probs around low 30's. Im assuming its raining in the UK :D. Anyway, we are surrounded by bars so im gonna go and have a short nap and then we gonna just slowly drink ourselves into a stupor. Only problem with this hostel is (alec and emily are paying a bit more so have a proper western toilet cum shower room. For the common folk such as me, i have a cold communal shower cum urinal space on the 4th floor. Next door to that is the squat basin, or watever the technical term is. Its not so much a flushing toilet as a bowel under a tap, which you fill up and pour it down the hole. O well, its all culture culture cultre. Going to have to get used to this because we going to some MUCH worse places. As of yet i have avoided any ice, salads and fresh fruit. Evian is only 12p a bottle so thats gonna be my life line for the time being. O well, thats me done for this installement of 'my blog'. If i can be assed then ill be back on in a couple of days. x


  1. drew!!! good to hear you have experienced the bucket in the shower thing. and that you ran for your lives and changed hostel.

    i miss youuuuu!!! xxxxx and yes. it is raining here. grrrr

  2. Hope you fall into one of the 'toilets'.

  3. This is what happens when you let Alec pick the accomodation. : )