Monday, 1 February 2010

the long awaited SECOND installment of my blog. After spending weeks accumulating all the stuff i would actually need for this trip, rearranging all of it in countless heaps and piles around my room, making lists, notes and number references, the time came to eventually stop procrastinating and start trying to defy the laws of physics and cram 5 months worth of life into a 65 litre bag - it wouldnt have been so bad if the bloody sleeping bag and shoes didnt take up half of it. Anyhoo, its all in now, and as i write this, only 3 hours left till i catch the first tube to victoria and begin my hols. I hope/assume you are all getting incredibley jealous tho dont you worry, i will keep you all informed on my life. In the mean time, all you continue with your uni studies/working at wetherspoons. Good luck to all of you who have/had exams and dissertations and i will see you all beginning of july after 5 months of mountain climbing, trekking, exploring, sunbathing, and trying to find toilets that are more than simply a hole in the ground (not holding out too much hope though). Its a tough life but someones got to do it :D

Well i have little else to say right now. Should get to gatwick around 7ish, board the plane at 9.45 and its an 11 hour (or summit like that) flight to dubai. From there its another g-d awfully long flight (9 hours i think) the rest of the way to bangkok. Not sure when i will cross paths with a cyber cafe, but if there is one on the base camp of everest (so i hear) then im sure bangkok must have a few somewhere around....

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  1. Heey Drewy,

    looks like im still the only one who wants to comment on your blog...maybe you should get the hint! :) just kidding

    hope you had a safe flight and that you notice this quicker than you noticed my last comment.

    mee xxxx