Monday, 8 February 2010

We were heading to an island off the east coast of thailand called ko phangan. We bought a few bus tickets from bangkok (for the 7.30pm bus) and we arrived at the bus station slightly before 11am. With all our bags we moved into the bus station and set up camp there for 8 hours. We went for a wander, ate some donuts, got a quick massage then sat in a coffee shop for the rest of the 5 hours and ate there. We caught the 12 hour night bus from bangkok to the port. The bus was air conditioned and the seats reclined right back (the lady in front of me took FULL advantage of this). Anyhoo, after what was shaping up to be a 24 hours shlap across thailand, we eventually reached the port and caught a ferry to the island. The ferry was a good 3 hours and we pulled up to the island slightly before midday - though the journeying STILL wasnt over. We were ushered into the back of a cab (cattle truck)which took us through the jungle. We passed a few of the local small towns and villages, a few signs saying we were one day too late for the full moon party, and the cab stopped at a beach. We all got into a small longboat which took us round the island to a place called bottle beach. It was a perfect beach with huts along its length. A few restaraunts, white sand and massive towering mountains either side. Was a postcard paradise. Even with the mahoosive sunburn we caught being on the longboat for an hour, we still enjoyed it. We got a hut on the beach for around 4 quid a night. The next few days consisted of reading, eating, sunbathing, swimming and showering. Nothing much more happened. We saw a few lizzards, big bugs, a few cold showers, cut our feet open on some coral and nearly stepped on some crabs, but apart from that, the secluded beach was perfect in every way. In a way it was a shame to leave it, but there were other things to see in thailand so earlier today we left. We got a cab from the resort back to the port (a cab being the back of another truck). We are going to find a hostel near the port so we can see a thai boxing match for emilys birthday. What happens enxt is still to be decided

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  1. wow this sounds incredible. i remember the long travelling hours, tho they can be fun because you get to see what the country is like too. miss u!!!