Friday, 19 February 2010

Im sure your dying to hear about our journey from the south of thaildn into cambodia...and who a i to disappoint. We got a bus from the koa sok national park around 3ish and it took us aout 4 hours to get to surathani, which is basically a large warehouse filled with plastic lawn chairs and tables, with bags of crisps and water for sale. Its a mass transfer place for tourists to get to various places in thailand. We waited 3 hours in the warehouse before we boarded our bus for bangkok. 12 hours later at around 5.30am we arrived in bangkok. We got off the bus and were absolutely swarmed with tuk tuk and taxi drivers trying to drag us to their taxis. After wat had so far been a 18 hour journey, needless to say none of us were in the mood for niceties. We got ur bags ans barged our way to the khoa san road, where we settled down for some early morning burger king (classy aint we). We got a cab to the east town bus station and boarded a bus destinated for aryethpet (i think thats the name anyway) - the thai border town. We were on this bus for 4 hours, got off in the middle of wat appeared to be a chaotic carpark - people lugging around trailors full of fruits, kids begging for money, and people trying to get us to go in their tuk tuks. We managed to find our way to the visa place got our cambodian visas, walked through a series of cecpoints signed a series of bits of paper, and done - we were in cambodia. We then got a 5 hour cab ride to the small town of siem reap, where our journey came to a nice end at the garden village guest house - a dollar a night :D:D. Really nice place, only down side is all the mattresses are outside covered only in a mosquito net and some straw. Al valuables safely in the safety box, i had a shower in the cubicle that didnt lock, and me alec and emily just sat in the upstairs bar, got a bit of food and some general snacks. In the vevening i bought a 5 dollar watch which now doesnt work, so im going to see if i can swap it for another (dont reckon my chances much but its worth a try). 2moz we going to go to the angkor temples and maybe go horseriding alog sme nice country trails (budget permitting). The camobodian currecny is the rial, but everyting here is in dollars anyway. We are going to be in siem reap for 2 days efore we head down to te cpital of phnom penn for some more lake swimming, temple walking and museum visiting. Then after that we going to head to the ratinakiri? province which has got a history of tectonic activity - so springs and volcanic lakes and stuff. Going to see if we can finally find a place to rent bikes (as all our other attempts failed) and ride around the area. We wil try and pop into southern town nearer the beach before we head back to phnom pen and get a bus into laos.

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